Spinners and Trackball

The configuration of the trackball and spinners are as follows :

mouse0left hand spinner
mourse1right hand spinner

Basic retroarch config is

input_driver = “udev”
input_player1_mouse_index = “0”
input_player1_mouse_index = “0”

The default config is that player 1 has control over the TRackball and Spinner 1, and player 2 then has access to Spinner 2 only.

Any need to change that behaviour will then need to be don eon a per game basis.

cd /dev/input/by-id returns the following two devices

usb-Ultimarc_I-PAC_Ultimate_I_O_4-if01-mouse -> ../mouse0
usb-Ultimarc_SpinTrak_6-mouse-> ../mouse1

Spinners, Trackballs, Lightguns, Mice – RetroPie Docs

Where a game requires the trackball for player 2 – then that game will need to change

e.g. Marble Madness.

This will require it to be using lt-mame2003 or lr-advancemame.